Daily Tech Briefing June 18, 2018

Intel Moves to Challenge Nvidia, AMD in Discrete GPU Chip Market VIDEO

June 18, 2018 8:05 AM
DAILY VIDEO: Intel is moving into the rich market for discrete GPU chips by 2020, and Google Analytics 360 is integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
processor flaw

Intel Warns of Lazy Restore Speculative Execution CPU Risk

June 18, 2018 7:58 AM
Yet another speculative execution issue has been disclosed that potentially puts some Intel CPU users at risk.
iPhone security

Apple Renews iOS 12 Data Security Arms Race With Law Enforcement

June 15, 2018 6:00 PM
NEWS ANALYSIS: When the new version of iOS is released sometime this summer, it will include a means of blocking attempt to unlock iPhones through their Lightening Ports, a method currently used by the FBI.

Rubrik Updates Do-it-All Management Platform for Hybrid Clouds

June 15, 2018 5:22 PM
Alta 4.2 reinforces Rubrik’s single control plane for the enterprise hybrid cloud, with more detailed support for private cloud, public cloud and traditional data center workloads.

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Quest Software Unveils Versatile New Deduplication Appliance

June 15, 2018 4:50 PM
Shops using Docker containers and Kubernetes scheduling will like that QoreStor features multitenancy, in that users can easily create storage groups--and containers within those storage groups--to define separate storage policies and capacities within a single QoreStor system.

Google Announces General Availability of App Maker Development Tool

June 15, 2018 3:25 PM
Google’s App Maker gives line-of-business organizations a way to quickly build custom apps for specialized jobs that aren’t addressed by large enterprise apps.

Juniper’s Next-Gen MX Routers Designed for 5G Wireless, IoT, SDN-WANs

June 15, 2018 2:05 PM
The latest generation of Juniper’s networking gear will bring programmability and flexibility designed to handle the services that will come with such emerging technologies as 5G wireless and the internet of things.
Windows 10

Mobile-Inspired On-Screen Keyboard Coming to Windows 10

June 15, 2018 11:04 AM
The on-screen keyboard in the next major Windows 10 feature update will include SwiftKey predictive typing technology.
Daily Tech Briefing June 15, 2018

Growing Cryptojacking Problem Gains FTC's Attention VIDEO

June 15, 2018 9:42 AM
DAILY VIDEO: Non-JavaScript cryptojacking reaps more than $144 million, a researcher finds, and Google's preemptible GPUs provide extra performance at a huge discount.
Docker CEO Steve Singh

How Docker's CEO Is Growing the Container Pioneer for the Future VIDEO

June 15, 2018 8:01 AM
VIDEO: At DockerCon 18, Docker CEO Steve Singh explains how his company's business model is different from Red Hat's and where the container technology is headed next.

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